Hosted Telephony

Freestyle Communications offers a VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) service which can be used anywhere in the world via a softphone client on your laptop, a smartphone or through a dedicated IP phone connected to the Internet.

  • Ability to make and receive calls on the move
  • Secure service with the strongest firewall, router and intrusion detection technologies

As well as providing the ability to use your VoIP service globally, we can also supply a voicemail service on your number:

  • Never miss a call
  • Emailed any left messages for instant playback
  • Able to store the message or forward it to another email address

Experience all of the functions of a traditional telephone system but with IP flexibility. Our network telephony service will provide you with a direct connection from your location to our managed core IP network providing a wealth of diverse functions and much lower call costs

The capability of making and taking calls on the move, and remote and home-working has its blatant advantages.  The service is founded on a well-established IP platform that has been effectively serving our customers for many years.

Take the first step to improving your business now and contact us about Freestyle VoIP.